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X Ray Examination

Your X-Ray

An X-ray examination is a simple and painless test that takes detailed pictures of the internal structures of your body. X-rays are a form of radiation energy able to pass through human tissue.

The X-ray machine uses a tube to produce an X-ray beam which is carefully aimed onto the part of the body being examined. Denser material like the bones absorb more of this beam and therefore show up as white on the screen. The softer material, like organs, shows up much darker. All images are created digitally.

Examination time depends on the areas to be X-rayed however it usually takes between 5-10 minutes.

Book your X-ray

You will need a referral from your clinician. You or your referring clinician can then book an appointment using one of 3 simple ways:

We will send a confirmation. If you would like to rearrange your appointment please do give us at least 24 hours notice.

If there is any possibility that you could be, or are pregnant please inform us when booking your appointment.

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