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Dr Jas Lidder

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Dr Jas Lidder


General Practitioner

Speciality: General Practice,

0207 079 2100

Professional Profile

One of the most sought after primary care doctors in the UK. Graduated at a young age from University College London and soon developed one of his best skills that to this day proves time and time again the underlying aspect of what true medicine is about. His bedside manner and ability to communicate, care and show empathy to people has gained him a reputation amongst the best. He is widely respected by colleagues in the medical world for his work ethic and ability to put patients 1st. A gentleman who has a true passion for every aspect of care with health.
His training spans the aspects of: General medicine, ENT surgery, colorectal surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, general practice, accident and emergency care and psychiatry at the world famous Priory Roehampton Hospital where he once was told that he would have his own hospital due to his passion for health and his wonderful manner around people. Being one of the 1st doctors to truly provide and re-design accident and emergency care to encompass urgent care with primary care in an A/E setting. His work to this day is widely respected and modelled on. Being involved in current redesign and provision of “out of hours care” for patients and looking at ways to further enhance and improve this in London. Having set up and still lead clinician looking after homeless and complex patients that other GPs remove from their list, he provides medical care for these patients and continues to build a rapport with such patients who otherwise would only have accident and emergency departments to attend for care. He is recognised for his hard work and ability to go beyond for patient care and colleageues have also noticed this and take comfort in the fact that Dr Lidder will have a central role in patient care. His medical work spans from looking after the homeless to some of the worlds elite business people to members of various Royal families. He has been nominated as a NHS Kings Fund Champion in the past for his outstanding work. He has appeared in number of television appearances and also published in a number of mainstream newspapers and magazines. He 1st started consulting on Harley Street at the young age of 29 and has been part of the furniture ever since. With each year, his way of medical care is becoming more and more well respected. He makes sure each patient is cared for and respected in the exact same manner, with respect and empathy. He has the nickname of being the “Maestro” as many of his long standing patients keep him and his medical advice at the centre of their health and run specialist advice by him.

Specialises In

  • General Practice
  • Emergency Care
  • Expert Referral

Professional Memberships

  • British Medical Association
  • Medical Defence Unit

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