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Our Pharmacy is based at The Weymouth Street Hospital, it provides an excellent pharmaceutical and clinical service to our in-patients, as well as our out-patients.

Whether you have a private prescription from either of our sister clinics at 9 Harley street or 25 Harley Street, or any other private prescription from anywhere in the UK, it can be dispensed here at the pharmacy in addition to being delivered to you anywhere within the London borough.

What we offer

• Procurement of all medications to suit our patients needs and care at the hospital

• Providing medicines for patients admitted to the hospital (inpatient), medicines for discharge and those prescribed during outpatient visits.

• Working closely with and providing clinical and pharmaceutical service to all our consultants and healthcare staff within the hospital and sister clinics

• Providing medicines information and advice to all our In and out-patients

• Identifying and managing the complex pharmaceutical needs of our patients, and ensuring cost-effective prescribing practices

• Medicines management and review- to ensure our practice is constantly audited and our patients are receiving the safest and most appropriate medication for their clinical needs.


Contact Us

The pharmacy is open Monday-Friday 08.30 am – 17.30 pm

If you have any queries please contact the pharmacy on:

T: 0207 935 1200 (Ext: 3014)

E: [email protected]

Our pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPHC): 9010230 and CQC’