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Patient Information

Welcome to Weymouth Street Hospital

We are delighted you have chosen our hospital for your healthcare needs. Weymouth Street Hospital is part of the Phoenix Hospital Group.

At Weymouth Street Hospital, we understand that coming into a hospital can be an anxious and unfamiliar time. Our hospital team is dedicated to ensuring your stay with us is both restful and supportive of your treatment and recovery. This guide aims to provide an overview of the services available to you and your visitors.

We continuously appraise each element of our patient care to ensure your stay is a comfortable one. A specialist team of professionals will oversee your care and visit you throughout your stay. We encourage you to complete our independently audited patient satisfaction questionnaire, as well as raise any concerns with a member of the hospital team. It is through the continuous evaluation of patient comments and suggestions that we are able to measure and improve upon our service. We hope that your stay is a pleasant one and wish you a speedy recovery.

abarkerAndrew Barker
Chief Executive Officer
Phoenix Hospital Group