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Mini Gastric-Bypass

Traditional Gastric-Bypass surgery results in excellent weight loss however, the procedure is technically challenging and carries a  risk of complications. The Mini-Gastric Bypass is becoming a treatment of choice as it is both quicker,  and carries a lower complication rate.

Some studies have actually shown that a better weight loss can be achieved with this new technique. We are pleased to offer this procedure as an alternative option. Our Bariatric surgeons will review your goals and suggest the best treatment pathway for you.

Weight loss surgery delivers the following benefits*:

  • On average patients gain 10 years on their life expectancy after successful surgery
  • The majority of weight loss is in the first six months
  • Successful weight loss not only prevents but also cures hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases

If you would like to find out more, please take advantage of consultation with our specialist surgeons. Consultations with the Surgeon are also available in Arabic should this be required.