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Hernia Clinic

Performing hundreds of Hernia Procedures each year, we are dedicated to giving our patients expert treatment. Your surgeon will discuss all the options with you, recommending the right treatment for you.

Our surgeons are some of the most experienced in London. We can provide an all female surgeon and team should this be your preference.Providing exceptional care, safety and expertise, come to us direct for affordable fixed price hernia treatment packages. Hernias are quite common and can occur in various places in the body. They are caused by a protrusion of an organ through a cavity wall. Hernia surgery will effectively help to relieve pain and return the organs to their correct position.

The surgery can be either keyhole or open surgery depending on your specific case. Keyhole surgery involves making three small incisions and using a telescopic camera to direct the operation. Recovery time is usually two weeks and a follow up with your consultant is included in your fixed price package.

NEW – We are pleased to offer you the choice of an all female medical team, led by M/s Sara Badvie, Consultant General Surgeon.

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